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Our Sanctuary Residents

See images of the inhabitants of our sanctuary and read their rescue stories here.

Our Gallery

At The Spirit Tree Inc., some photos of the sanctuary residents which include rescued animals, educational animals and our animal ambassadors.

Rescue Stories

Vinnie’s Story

Local law enforcement called the South Florida SPCA in reference to a potbelly pig that had been hit by a car and left by a roadside. The pig was determined to have multiple fractures and severe skin abrasions from being dragged under the vehicle.

The pig’s tusks and teeth were broken on the left side of his body. Moreover, no one came to claim him. We felt we could help him heal from his injuries and give him a safe home for the remainder of his life.

Later on, the pig came to our sanctuary in Central Florida, where he was named Vinnie. We found out Vinnie had also suffered trauma in his past as he was missing both his ears and had limited range of motion in his neck. It is not known if these injuries were caused by dogs or humans, but the scarring has impaired his hearing.

Each day, we strive hard to provide the proper love and care for Vinnie to recover from its physical and mental issues. According to our vet, Vinnie might not live a long life due to the extent of the trauma it endured. However, we will offer Vinnie the best life we can to make up for all the suffering it experienced.

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